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  • Get Paid for The Care You Already Provide Many of the uncompensated care management activities that healthcare providers routinely perform are reimbursable through the Medicare Chronic Care Management program. However, only a fraction of medical practices currently participate in the program due to lack of resources in order to be compliant. The Chronica software platform is the resource that will enable your participation, compliance, and compensation for your work.

    Get Paid for The Care You Already Provide
  • Predictable Reimbursements

    Predictable Reimbursements With the Chronica software platform, providers and practices keep more revenue than with turn-key vendors. Instead of being billed for miscellaneous administrative expenses, Chronica enables practices to keep significantly more revenue in-house. With our analytics capabilities, you'll be able to view trends and opportunities for additional revenue.

  • Increase Patient Engagement Instead of outsourcing care, Chronica enables your current staff members to provide extra attention to at-risk patients. Unlike other vendors where your patients will interact with a stranger, with Chronica your patients will communicate their needs and goals to one of your staff members. This is a proven strategy to increase enrollment for your Chronic Care Management program, and improve patient relationships.

    Increase Patient Engagement
  • Align with Workflow

    Align with Workflow We know how much of a hassle it is to use software that is cumbersome and not user friendly. Chronica will never disrupt your current workflow. Instead, it streamlines everything from patient eligibility to reimbursement. Chronica was made by healthcare providers for healthcare providers.

  • Never Worry About Compliance With Chronica, everything is documented. Each interaction is saved into the patient profile, and we provide you the ability to push information into the patient's chart whenever desired. Hence, you'll never have to worry about compliance.

    Never Worry About Compliance

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